Veratemp Proscan Non Contact Thermometer

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The PROSCAN® by Veratemp provides a convenient, accurate and easy way to measure your child's temperature. With the most advanced technology in thermometry today the PROSCAN® is designed for everyday use and suitable for the whole family.

Featuring a 3 colour backlight with an audible alarm for high fever readings, the PROSCAN® is easy to use, clinically accurate and multipurpose.

Veratemp Proscan Non Contact Thermometer is entered in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods ARTG 337423

Key Benefits

Clinically accurate
Backlit, easy-to-read display
Hygienic non-touch
Includes 2x AAA batteries

How to Use

Hold the VeraTemp Proscan a few centimetres from the forehead and push the button. Within a second you will have a reading.

Best of all, you can use it on a sleeping child with zero chance of waking them. It also can be used to measure baby’s bottle, food, bath water and room temperature.