PAINmate Pain Mate TENS Machine REFILL pack- 3 X GEL PAD

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Now with 3 sets of Gel pads!


• 3x sets or reusable self adhesive gel refills

• 1x CR2032 lithium battery

Only for use with Evomed PAINmate.

About PAINmate

The PAINmate TENS machine is affordable, portable, discreet, and wire-free. It provides fast, targeted pain relief, is no bigger than the size of your hand, and fits comfortably under your clothes.

Each cycle will run for 20 minutes with an auto shut off.

The PAINmate TENS machine provides pain relief for; back pain such as lower back pain, joint pain such as; shoulder, knee, and hip joint pain, neck pain (place on back of neck only), and musculoskeletal pain.