2Die4 Live Foods Organic Activated Buckwheat 300g

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2Die4 Live Foods is taking activated organic buckwheat to the next level.

This buckwheat is alive, well and full bodied, with notes of spring breeze and flowering trees.

Activated Organic Buckwheat are fruit seeds (not cereal grains) related to sorrel & rhubarb. They are therefore naturally gluten-free.


Certified Organic
Naturally gluten-free
Highly digestible
A great source of good plant fibre
Suggested Use
Whole buckwheat grains can be stored in air-tight container in the pantry. Like all seeds and nuts (and grains and legumes) it needs to be soaked overnight to ensure any phytic acid is removed and nutrition is maximised. The easiest way to enjoy whole buckwheat grains is to cook up a 'porridge' and eat it as you would rice or quinoa.

Made in Byron Bay using Buckwheat grown in Australia (Tasmania). Vegan.