Cottons Ultra-Thin Pantyliners 24 Pack

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Cottons Ultra-Thin Pantyliners 24 Pack

Cottons Ultra-Thin Pantyliners 24 Pack are highly effective, comfortable and discrete.  They feature a 100% cotton coversheet, making them hypo-allergenic and perfect for women with sensitive skin. Many women believe that Cottons Liners are the most comfortable out there. They come in another size (Long Liners) and are perfect for discharge between periods or very light flow.

Suitable for a super-light flow

About Cottons

Cottons provides high quality and affordable 100% chemical-free cotton products to women who seek a natural alternative during their period! They aim to support women naturally in every stage of life, with products ranging from pads, tampons and liners, through to maternity products and also now, a growing incontinence range. They have helped thousands of women make the natural choice by creating Australia’s first 100% cotton tampons! Now operating in over 15 countries worldwide, Cottons has grown to be Australia’s first and most trusted 100% natural feminine hygiene product supplier. Using Cottons products ensures that the most delicate area of your body is protected using only 100% cotton.

Cottons is a family business, established in 1995 in Melbourne, Australia. The feminine hygiene market in the early 90s in Australia was dominated by synthetic products, with no “natural” choices so Cottons developed and introduced Australia’s first 100% cotton tampons. The response from women was amazingly positive, as those who had sensitive skin, discomfort or just didn’t want synthetic materials, at last, had a real alternative. Fast-forward over 20 years and Cottons are still providing great quality natural feminine hygiene products, but now to over 15 different countries worldwide. Ranging from pads, tampons and liners, to maternity pads, nursing pads and incontinence products.

Why Choose them?

What is in a tampon? Have you ever really thought about it? All products may look the same, but did you know that the majority of tampons are made with synthetic materials? With Cottons, our difference is in our name. Cotton. We know you care about what goes in your body, which is why we use only the highest, first-grade quality cotton purified through an oxygen cleansing process, rather than bleach. Periods are natural, so dealing with them should be too! When it comes to choosing a brand, why not choose a product of nature?