Celebrity Slim - Low Carb 7 Day Assorted Pack

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The Celebrity Slim Low-Carb 7 Day Assorted Pack contains 14 x 55g shake sachets:

  • 4 x Low-Carb Chocolate
  • 2 x Low-Carb Vanilla
  • 2 x Low-Carb Banana
  • 2 x Low-Carb Strawberry
  • 2 x Low-Carb Choc Caramel
  • 2 x Low-Carb Cafe Latte

The Celebrity Slim Low Carb range is perfect for those looking to fast track their weight loss results, and is particularly suitable for anyone experiencing a weight loss plateau. They contain almost 50% less carbohydrates but have the same great taste and texture. Our Low Carb range works on the premise that when we reduce our daily carbohydrate intake, our body is forced to find a new fuel source. That new fuel is the stored fat.

If you are new to Celebrity Slim, we recommend that you start out on the traditional range of products first.