Amazing Oils Magnesium Oil + MSM Natural Relief Spray 60ml

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A simple, effective way to gain the benefits of magnesium and assist in preventing magnesium deficiency.

Contains only 100% pure, organically sourced magnesium oil, from the salt lakes of Australia, + added MSM.

MSM a naturally occurring sulfur - fundamental to human biochemistry. As part of the amino acid chain, sulfur is an essential building block for proteins. MSM is widely used as an alternative, natural solution to a number of common ailments.

While commonly referred to as 'magnesium oil' this liquid contains no oil. The magnesium liquid brine is organically sourced from natural salts lakes in Australian deserts.

The 60ml contains approximately 300 sprays. Used daily (10 sprays p/d) the bottle will last 1-2 months.