The Broth Sisters Activated Turmeric Ginger Paste MCT Oil 170g

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Handcrafted in Melbourne, this immune-supporting Turmeric and Ginger paste with MCT oil is perfect for golden milk and superfood teas. 

Low carb, Keto friendly and gluten free it can also be used in a marinade or for basting proteins or adding to broth, juices, stir-fries and rice.

Vegan friendly, 100% natural, preservative free with no added salt. 170g.


Activated Turmeric with black pepper.
Perfect for golden milk and immune boosting teas.
Use in a marinade or for basting proteins.
Great addition to broth, juices, stir-fries and rice.
Add to curry dishes for a well rounded base.
Super convenient and long lasting.
FODMAP friendly.
Immune supportive.
Made on a base of MCT oil.
No added salt
Hand crafted.
Gluten free.
Low carb.
Great for home, camping, work and travel.